Double Chilli Cheese Veni Smash Burgers

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Smash burgers are THE only way to cook a burger. As soon as the balls of fallow mince are smashed into a searing hot cast iron skillet they create the ultimate crust. The inside of the burger will remain nice and moist due to a little extra aged beef fat which we have added. Fallow carries a little fat of its own but generally is a very lean meat.


Smash burgers give us the best of both worlds, once the exterior of the patty is seared we add our cheese and top buns.


For extra flavour we give the burgers a little steam bath in some Crumbs Amber lager, which will help to melt the cheese and get the bun pillowy soft!


Don’t forget that we only use a little of the beer in the steaming process. So make sure to wash down your burger with what’s left in the bottle.


If a double patty burger is a little daunting for you to then just serve single burgers and halve the recipe accordingly.


Serving 4
  For the dish
720g Venison mince
80g Beef aged beef fat, minced
To taste Salt
2tsp The Salt Box pastrami seasoning
1 White onion, thinly sliced (optional)
A splash Rapeseed oil
4 (8 if making single burgers) Brioche buns
1 jar The Salt Box chilli jam
8 slices Cheese of choice (we use mature cheddar or sparkenhoe red leicester)
1 bottle Crumbs beer
To taste Pickles of choice (optional)

Prep the fire

Set up a nice bed of coals and place a heavy skillet over a high heat. Allow this to get super hot…like really, really hot!

Gently mix the venison mince and aged beef fat together until well combined. Divide this mix into eight 100g balls

Cooking the burgers

Place a ball of mince onto the skillet and squash with the back of a sturdy spatula or another pan. It is unlikely you will have a skillet big enough, so this can be done in batches. You can always keep the burgers warm by the fire, loosely covered in foil.


Don’t worry about the shape of the final burger; it’s all about the gnarly crust that forms on the exterior of the patty.


Season the top of each patty well with the pastrami seasoning and a touch of salt, if you’re using the onion, add a little to the top of each patty now, making sure to gently press it in with the back of the spatula. Cook for about two minutes before flipping the burgers.

Pulling the burger together

Once you have flipped the burgers, place a teaspoon of chilli jam on top of each burger, followed by a slice of cheese. Place the cut side of your top buns on top of four of the burgers, pour in a little of the crumbs beer, and cover the pan with a cloche or lid to steam everything for a minute.


Once the cheese has melted, check that the burgers are just cooked through. The temperature should be about 71°C for a burger. With burgers cooked and buns nice and warm, remove the pan from the fire and set aside somewhere warm.


Toast the bottom buns lightly and place on a plate. If you want, you can add salad to the bottom buns, but I feel like this just goes soggy, so save the salad for another day. Place the burger without the top bun down first, layer in your pickle of choice, before topping with the final burger and top bun.


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