Teriyaki Mallard Stir Fry with Noodles


Prep Time
10 mins

Cook Time
15 mins

Fresh, fast, and full of flavour, you’ll have this Japanese-inspired stir fry on the table within half an hour. Made with protein-rich mallard and stacks of vegetables, it’s a really nutritious hit, perfect for a quick weeknight meal or post-gym dinner.


Serving 2
  For the stir fry
2x Mallard breasts
8x Tenderstem broccoli
40g Baby sweetcorn
40g Mange tout
1tbsp Fresh coriander, chopped
40g Toasted peanuts, chopped
1x Fresh red chilli, chopped
3x Limes
500g Cooked noodles
10ml Soy sauce
50ml Teriyaki sauce
20g Sesame seeds
40g Shiitake mushrooms, sliced
20ml Vegetable oil


Wok or frying pan
Chopping board
Mixing bowl

1. Marinade the mallard

Cover the mallard breasts in the teriyaki sauce and marinate for 5 minutes. It won’t take long for the flavours to infuse.

2. Fry the mallard

Place the marinated mallard breasts in your wok or frying pan skin-side down. Heating up the pan with the meat makes it easier to cook evenly and draw out the fat. Set the pan on a medium to high heat and tip away any fat every few minutes or so as the mallard cooks.

3. Crisp the skin and roast

When the skin has crisped up, move the breasts to the oven and roast for 8 minutes. While they’re roasting, move onto the noodles and vegetables.

4. Fry vegetables

Take your hot wok or frying pan, add the oil and stir fry all of the vegetables on a very high heat. Keep stirring the vegetables to cook them evenly.

5. Fry remaining ingredients

At the last minute of cooking add the noodles, chilli and chopped coriander, and finish with a good helping of soy sauce and sesame seeds.

6. Rest the mallard

Once the mallard has rested for a few minutes in the warm oven, slice each breast into 5 or 6 pieces.

7. Serve

Share the noodle and vegetable mix between two bowls, place one sliced breast on top of each and sprinkle with the chopped peanuts and coriander.


Protein (g/100g)


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