The British
Game Assurance

eat.Wild is a campaign by the British Game Assurance (BGA), an assurance scheme for game.

The BGA’s goal is to bring you better wild game by introducing high welfare and environmental standards and helping producers to self-regulate. Only produce that has come from an audited producer receives BGA assurance. By looking out for the BGA stamp, you’ll easily find healthy, delicious, sustainably sourced meat you love to cook, serve, and eat.

What are the BGA standards?

For shoots to become members of the BGA and suppliers of BGA-assured game, they have to meet a set of regulations covering how birds are reared, shot, handled and stored, as well as guidelines that ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly practice.

This includes everything from responsible land management to high welfare during rearing. If shoots meet these standards and commit to self-regulate, they’re able to join the British Game Assurance and attain BGA assurance.

The British Game Assurance are regulated by a comprehensive set of standards that demand:

  • Sustainable practice, the protection and preservation of the countryside
  • High welfare standards for rearing and production of game
  • Ensuring sustainable and ethical practices from all its producers
  • Providing top quality, higher welfare game that’s been responsibly and sustainably sourced

What does BGA assurance mean?

You already choose high welfare, sustainably sourced beef, pork, lamb and chicken. BGA assurance allows you to shop equally carefully for wild game meat, reassuring you that it’s been produced according to the strict BGA standards by an audited shoot.

So, with just a glance at the BGA stamp, you’ll know the game you’re buying extremely high quality, sustainable, and environmentally friendly – giving you the peace of mind you need to enjoy every single bite.