New Product Development Puts Wild Meat at the Forefront of Food Trends


Bespoke food solutions business, Pivotal Foods, is leading the way forward in food trends. Working with the support of Eat Wild and producing new and accessible wild meat products for large-scale catering, Pivotal has sold 184kg of Course Game Terrine, 266kg of Game Tagine, which amounts to nearly half a ton of game into the food chain in the last 5 months, with 4 months of that being out of season.

Over the last year, through collaborative work with Eat Wild, the development board for all wild meat in the UK, Pivotal Foods has created a series of wild meat products for large scale catering events, including a pheasant, ham hock and black pudding terrine which was distributed to 32 establishments in London, with over 250kg being sold, amounting to 5,000 portions on one business line last Christmas alone. During this period, Pivotal Foods also sold over 800kg of wild meat terrine for contract caterers, sporting events venues, pub groups, hotels and restaurants.

Louisa Clutterbuck, CEO of Eat Wild said

“Slow cooking and braising the cheaper cuts of wild meat such as venison haunch, shoulder and neck, and creating delicious terrines is an amazingly accessible, affordable way to introduce people to wild meat and Pivotal Foods are championing this. We are proud to work so closely with Pivotal Foods; their creative food methodology is exactly what Eat Wild is all about.”

Leon Challis-Davies, Commercial Manager at Pivotal Foods said

“In the savoury world, wild meat is becoming a trend, thanks to the work of Eat Wild – people are listening to and learning about the health benefits it harnesses and the fact that it’s a protein they haven’t been exposed to before, as it hasn’t been widely available at a reasonable price until now. My role as both Commercial Manager at Pivotal Foods and Culinary Director at Eat Wild allows me to share the benefits of wild meat widely in both spheres and it’s great to see a lot of people now looking at new options and new ways to use this brilliant food source.”

Gary Wheeler, Sales Director from Pivotal Foods said

“As a bespoke food solutions business that takes food quality seriously, we are at the forefront of food trends, always looking to improve and work on what’s new and what people are looking for. New Product Development is the best way to put wild meat on the agenda and we have seen a huge rise in orders for wild meat products in high volumes since launching them.”

Pivotal Foods offer a wild meat terrine of partridge venison haunch, wild boar, rabbit, wrapped in bacon with pistachios and figs, for customers and the Tagine has game, slow cooked with North African spices, pressed with apricots & sultanas. These options are a manageable, versatile, profitable solution for chefs and a flavoursome starter.