Top Tips for Cooking Partridge

Leon Davies, BGA Chef Ambassador, gives his top tips for cooking with partridge.

    • Young partridge meat is great for light salads and meals as the game taste is very delicate compared to later season birds. I would recommend pairing this with white wines, blackberries, butternut squash, watercress and sweetcorn.
    • Partridge on a barbecue is epic. It works well with outrageous flavours like Texas ribs, Korean chili sauce, or straight-up salt and pepper.
    • Snacks. I call them snacks because if you come to my house in partridge season, you will often find a tub of quick partridge snacks for my kids and I. Satay partridge skewers ready cooked, smoked partridge strips, KFC style breasts and legs, all ready for a quick “I’m hungry” quote from my children.
    • Anything chicken – I say this with excitement. Anything you can make with a chicken, you can make with partridge. I take two breasts, cut an 80g wedge of smoked cheddar, place it between them, wrap the whole thing in streaky smoked bacon and smother in rich barbecue sauce, then roast them in the oven. Delicious.