Vale House Kitchen – Game Courses

Do you want to learn more cookery skills? Then read on for details of the game cookery courses at Vale House Kitchen.

Here in Britain we have some incredible wild game, but so often we find that cooking with it can be an intimidating prospect even for an experienced home cook. This Game Butchery and Cookery Course aims to introduce you to the world of British game, covering everything from practical preparation skills, feathered and furred game, through to delicious recipes and how to cook them. Both Bod and Kieran are passionate about using game in the kitchen and they hope to inspire you to do the same.

• Boning
• Butchery
• Fast cooking and smoking
• Gutting
• Hanging
• Plucking
• Skinning
• Slow cooking

The day begins with an introductory talk, where you’ll learn all about the fantastic game to be found in this country and the many benefits of putting game on the menu at home. We will then lead a series of practical preparation and cookery tasks and demonstrations, starting with the whole animal/bird and covering how to break it down with key butchery skills, and ending with a delicious meal. We’ll cover a modern approach to game cookery as well as the more traditional style, and plenty of recipes to suit all tastes and styles. Lunch is included, as well as a course booklet full of recipes and tips

Game Butchery and Cookery – Sunday 21st January
Venison – Sunday 3rd March